Zach LaVine 2014/15 Panini Prizm Values Pre/Post Dunk Contest

As a daily fantasy sports gambler player, I’ve been aware of Minnesota Timberwolves’ PG Zach Lavine for most of the season. Due to injuries to Ricky Rubio and Mo Williams – Lavine was on some nights the only PG capable of playing for the Wolves. He’s had some nice games, but showed the world on Saturday night that’s he’s a tremendous athletes. I don’t normally get too impressed by the dunk contest in recent years … and while Lavine’s dunks were all fairly similar in nature – his dunks were impressive and he pulled them off usually on the 1st try.

It’s likely that Lavine cools off a bit as the NBA transitions to the 2nd half of the season and the Wolves (being out of the playoff race) will fade from being a story. Also factor in Panini will be releasing numerous new 14/15 NBA Basketball card sets over the next 6 – 8 months, and Lavine’s cards/signature is likely going to be saturated a bit before the season is over.

However, this exercise is to show you the price bumps before & after an All-Star Game Dunk Contest. One strategy you might have going into next year is to buy the cards of all the participants leading up to the Dunk Contest. Given that the losers cards probably won’t go down much and the winners cards are likely to get a boost in value, this can be a viable strategy for the collector that also likes to buy & sell.

2014/15 Panini Prizm ‘Prizms’ #16 – Serial #/449

14-15 Panini Prizm Zach Lavine Autograph Rookie Card Blue

Pre Dunk After Dunk % Increase
High $22.99 $39.95 42%
Low $10.50 $34.95 70%

Considered the ‘base’ autograph rookie card from 14/15, the ‘Blue’ version is the most plentiful with 449 copies in existence.

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