What’s The Intriguing Part About 12/13 Panini Intrigue Basketball?

Panini released 2012-13 Panini Intrigue Basketball to the streets today, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s intriguing about this product.

DeAndre Liggins Winning Ink Spencer Haywood





Impact Rookies dumps some more sticker auto’s ‘rookies’ onto the market. The cards have a Topps Inception like background … and the Winning Ink set is basically the same thing.

Not the most intriguing thing I’ve seen

2012-13 Panin Intrigue Carmelo Anthony






I thought Upper Deck owned the rights to Fleer Flair Showcase???? Oh … Panini’s hired a bunch of UD guys so that’s why their cards look like the brand they used to work for.

Intriguing pairs Howard and Love

Intriguing Pairs. Howard & Love? They both have an injury so they both rarely play each other. Plus Minnesota has a center that would guard Howard if they played.

Not very intrigued by a double jersey cards of 2 players that don’t really matchup on the court anyway.


Adrian Dantley

Okay. Red – White and Blue is the name of the set. There’s no red/whit/blue except some washed out USA flag in the background. Panini has done USA Basketball cards …. these cards don’t have people in USA uniforms.

They don’t put much thought into these things at Panini.


Okay, not every set is perfect … but Panini wants $130 a box for this stuff so there better be some hits that make it cost that much.

2012-13 Intrigue Josh Smith Auto

Slam Ink – these are pretty nice. On card … serial numbered. Problem is there’s only a select few players that you can hit that will make some of your money back on an unopened box. Something like 70% of all NBA players are broke 3 years after retirement … getting them on-card is not that expensive or hard.


Not that intriguing. But nice card.


Immortalized. Nice on-card … no frill autograph cards. Great job Panini. Makes me want to jump out of my seat and spend a $130 on guys that are broke who you got to sign on-card. The Kobe’s … Kareem’s and D-Wades are nearly impossible to get.

Rather spend $$$ on ebay and get the guy I want.


Panini’s ‘product development teams’ really went all out on this one guys. I’m so intrigued.


What a joke.

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