Top Selling 2012-13 Panini Prestige Basketball RC Autograph Cards

Here is a look at the top selling rookie autographs from Prestige Basketball. This only includes auction listings values – and these are the highest price recorded, so you can find all these cards for cheaper than the listed price. The season is almost here and it will be interesting to see if any player can surpass these values as the season goes along & new products are released.

#1 Kyrie Irving
17 Bids$300.00
September 15, 2012

It’s not going to be easy to replace King James, but looks like Cleveland fans have moved on and are paying big time bucks for Irving’s autographs. He had a great season in year one, but the pressure to win will start to rise from now on. We’ll see if he can deliver what the “chosen one” couldn’t do in Cleveland.

#2 Anthony Davis
37 Bids$275.00
September 17, 2012

In a span of a few months this guy has won an NCAA title, won a Gold Medal and was the #1 pick in the NBA draft. The experience in the London Olympics should really help him, even though he didn’t play much because he saw how the best in the world prepare to win. He’s on a talented team, that could win some game this year if he can score.

#3 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
15 Bids $102.50
September 17, 2012

A one and done college prospect from Kentucky – selected by the Bobcats, and is joining a very young team in a tough division. He looks to be a solid all-around scorer, and we’ll see if his rebounding can carry over to the NBA as well. As long as he doesn’t get in the coaches (or Michael Jordan’s) doghouse – he should see some time in year one.

#4 Austin Rivers
17 Bids$67.00
September 17, 2012

A highly recruited player out of high school, and son of Doc Rivers (coach of the Boston Celtics) Austin joins an ultra-talented New Orleans Hornets team this season. Fans expectations might be high, but undersized point-guards are a dime-a-dozen in the NBA, so Rivers will need to prove he can shoot from the outside and run the team before we compare him to Derrick Rose or Deron Williams.

#5 Harrison Barnes
10 Bids$52.00
September 15, 2012

Another highly recruited high-school player (who isn’t in the NBA, but Barnes and Rivers were #1 on many lists). I’ve heard Barnes speak already about how he is excited to play for the Golden State Warriors – who have better fans than most people realize. The team has many talented players, and an ownership ready to win – we’ll see how much playing time Barnes gets in year one, but he’s a big part of the Warrior’s future unless he proves otherwise.

#6 Thomas Robinson
16 Bids$51.00
September 19, 2012

Selected with the 5th overall pick by the Sacramento Kings – who at the time didn’t know Robinson might be expected to guard Dwight Howard when the team meets the Lakers. Getting a big man was probably a good idea if it can work out for the Kings even though they already have a talent DeMarcus Cousins (who is often in foul trouble against skilled big-men). Robinson spent a few years in college, so he should be ready to make an impact right away for a Kings roster that needs depth in the front court.

#7 Jared Sullinger
11 Bids$47.01
September 19, 2012

It’s not often a low first round pick (21st) makes it this high (especially considering this list includes players from the 2011 NBA draft too) – so Celtics collectors are really putting a premium on his cards. He had a pretty good debut in the NBA summer league, and considering the lack of depth the Celtics had at times last season, fans might be right on about a young player that might get some time to play on the big stage.

#8 Derrick Williams
17 Bids$39.95
September 16, 2012

Not often is a player selected #2 in the draft this far down on the list – but maybe it has more to do with Williams played college ball in Arizona (and not North Carolina, Duke or a east coast school). Additionally he was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves, who at last check had season tickets available for $6 per seat, and Kevin Love (the teams best player) was moaning about not winning this off-season. An effective scorer in college, we’ll see if Williams can break through a crowded young Timberwolves roster.

#9 Bradley Beal
11 Bids$38.50
September 16, 2012

The #3 pick in the 2012 NBA draft, Beal almost has the same problem as the previous pick Derrick Williams … he joins an ultra-young and talented Wizards team with a no-nonsense coach. Jordan Crawford and John Wall already occupy spots in the back court, however Crawford’s spot is always up in the air. The Wizards showed some signs of life at times last season (after firing Flip Saunders) so Beal will have to play better than already established NBA players, which might be tough in year number one.

#10 Kawhi Leonard
11 Bids$35.00
September 14, 2012

The only draft pick from 2011 to make this list besides #1 pick Kyrie Irving – Leonard played well for the Spurs at times during last season and in the playoffs. Many fans might be expecting the torch to be passed from Tim Duncan to Leonard – who has the ability to average in double figures if given the opportunities.

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All these autographs come from the Prestigious Picks autograph set, which is essentially the auto rookie in Prestige Basketball this year.

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