Insert Insider: Old School Autographs

One of the three autographed insert sets included in this year’s Prestige release is Old School Autographs. Just like the name implies, the set includes cards featuring          signatures of retired and/or hall of fame players.

What really stands out about these cards is some of the old school ballers included on the checklist.

Of course there are cards of players whose names immediately standout. John Stockton, Rick Barry, Chris Mullin and Steve Kerr all have cards in the set.

The checklist also boasts names such as: Fat Lever, Tom Chambers, Spud Webb, Sam Perkins, Detlef Schrempf, Kurt Rambis, Kevin Willis and Buck Williams.

Unless you are a hardened hoops junkie like myself, some of these names may not jump off the page.

I am not tot saying these players had bad playing careers or don’t deserve to be included. I actually find it rather cool to see some of the potentially “forgotten” players from yesteryear get their due recognition.

Many of the old school players on the checklist don’t have tons of autographed cards on the market, making Old School Autographs even more of a rare treat.

The entire, 37-player checklist can be found by clicking here. Each autographed card is numbered, ranging from 25 to 99.

All photos courtesy of e-Bay.


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