Basketball Card World First Look: Green Prizm Parallels

First off, I want to apologize for the huge gap in-between blog posts. Between work, grad school and the other unexpected things popping up lately, I have had very little time to blog about basketball cards. Nonetheless, in the midst of taking care of business at school and work, I have been closely following any and all news related to the inaugural Panini Prizm Basketball Card release.

This past weekend, I was able to finally get my hands on one of the most anticipated basketball releases in recent memory. After opening my first pack of Prizm, the first thought that rushed into my head was: wow, these cards are even better than I expected.

Along with all of the other hoops collectors out there, I have been admiring the various photos of the Prizm cards online. But I was even more impressed once I actually held the cards in my hand. Prizm reminds me a lot of the old Topps Finest cards, just not as thick and with no warp.

Prizm features Green Prizm Parallels, which are exclusive to retail products. As a collector who is on a strict budget, I am often forced to scan my local Wal-Mart and Target for retail releases instead of buying hobby products. The retail specific green parallel cards give collectors without as much green (no pun intended) a very realistic chance of snagging some valuable cardboard without breaking the bank.

On average, each 24-pack retail box has been yielding two Green Prizm parallels. Of the 24 packs in the box, I bought 12 of them. If the odds stood true, I should have pulled at least one Green Prizm. The odds were definitely in my favor. From the 12 packs, I pulled two Green Prizms, featuring Antawn Jamison and Jose Calderon.

Other notable cards pulled include: A Bill Walton Most Valuable Player Insert Card, a Kevin Durant base card, and an Austin Rivers Prizm rookie card.

Pictures of all the cards can be found below.

After pulling two Green Prizms, it is safe to say I am going to be focusing a lot of my collecting attention on grabbing as many of the emerald beauties as possible. I can only hope some loving member of my family will leave more Prizm under the Christmas tree for me next week.









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