2014 Draft Pick Marcus Smart RC Card Outlook – Celtics 6th Pick

Marcus Smart

Pick #6
Boston Celtics

Marcus Smart Shoves Fan

Playing Time Outlook = C+
This is a tough one to judge. Rajon Rondo is still in place, and despite all the rumors, the team hasn’t traded him. A former coach of Rondo seemed to think the drafting of Smart “If anything, it just woke up a beast.” That might not be good news for Smart, who will have to prove he can knock down the outside jumper to achieve max playing time in his rookie season. Aside from Rondo, the team also has Avery Bradley under contract for the next 4 years, and Bradley had some good games last season filling in for the injured Rondo. If Bradley and Rondo stay healthy for the bulk of the season, I don’t think Smart will get much playing time. Even if Smart were to get 25+ minuets per night, the opportunities to score will likely go to other players, so he’ll have to be a team leader in order to get much attention from the broader media. If Rondo is traded before the season starts – Smart’s playing time grade would possibly be A- or A.

Star Power = B-
If Smart went to a less-popular team, his star power grade would be at least a grade lower. However Smart goes to a re-building Boston Celtics teams who lacks a super-star type player that fans gravitate to. That means Smart should get a ton of love/attention from Celtics fans this season – even if he sits behind Rondo. While Smart got media attention this past year when he shoved a fan, his game is not very flashy and lacks the scoring punch that will make him a star outside the Boston fans. If Smart can’t develop into a team leader type PG, his star power will deteriorate year after year.That being said, Rondo wasn’t much of a scorer, but fans do appreciate his cards in Boston because he rebounds/passes well, which is the type of player Smart could become.

Card Values = A-
Smart’s card values should be elevated for most of the year because he’s on the Celtics, but there are some scenarios that could effect his values going forward. Clearly if Smart plays well – either off the bench or as a starter, his rookie cards will likely be highly collectible. Lets assume he doesn’t play that well, or doesn’t get much playing time … I think Celtics fans will give him a pass most of the year, but clearly Smart will have to prove he can be a star for the average collector to want to keep paying top dollar for his cards 2 or 3 years down the road.

Personally, I see Smart as a “sell high” type player in his 1st season. If you think he’s gong to lead the Celtics back to the promise land, I think his cards will be cheaper 2 or 3 years into his career and you’d be better off buying them at that point. PG’s are fairly plentiful in the NBA – and seem to peak in value early on. Look at Derrick Rose, Deron Williams … even Chris Paul & Kyrie Irving all seemed to peak in popularity with collectors early in their career. At best, Marcus Smart will fall into that category of PG’s so I’d probably sell high during his first season.

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