2014 Draft Pick Julius Randle RC Card Outlook – Lakers 7th Pick

Julius Randle

Pick #7
Los Angeles Lakers

Playing Time Outlook = A
The Lakers don’t have a head coach at the moment, and off the top of my head, they only have Steve Nash, Robert Sacre and Kobe Bryant under contract for the coming season. Regardless of who the coach is and who the Lakers end up signing during the off-season – Randle should be a very large part of the Lakers rotation this season. Even if aging stars Kobe & Nash stay healthy, a new coach would be wise to limit their playing time during the course of the season. There was speculation that Randle would possibly need surgery on his ankle, but appears he’s fine for now, and could potentially be a starter from day 1 in Los Angeles this season. Outside the Lakers being able to sign multiple competent players in free agency, Randle’s playing time looks like it should be as good as any rookie coming into the league this season.

Star Power = A-
Randle will be an immediate fan favorite in Los Angeles – the LA fans love rookies and Randle is the highest selection younger Lakers fans have ever seen. The only reason why his star power isn’t A or A+ is in part because Los Angeles is filled with stars, and Randle doesn’t have the charisma of a young Magic Johnson. However, if Randle was drafted by any other team – his star power would be at least a grade lower, so playing for the leagues most popular team certainly helps.

Card Values = A
Randle’s rookie cards will be highly sought after by Lakers fans, especially early on in the 14/15 NBA season. If he’s able to play well, expect values to remain strong for the entire season. With the two high profile picks at the top of the draft raising the bar for rookie card values, Randle’s card values could actually be even higher than normal … especially if he plays as well (or better) Wiggins & Parker.

Basically, Randle should get playing time on the leagues most popular team, and the fans love him already. Now it’s up to Randle to perform.,


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