2013/14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball – Early Information

1 pack per box
5 cards per pack
20 boxes per case (2 10-Box Inner Cases)
–    2 Autograph Cards
–    1 Memorabilia Card
–    1 Base Card
–    1 Insert Card
Set Highlights
–    The first auto-memorabilia cards of the 2013/14 NBA Draft class. Panini says these are #/499 and feature acetate framed auto’s with player-worn memorabilia pieces.
–    Look for the debut of the rare Timeless Treasures Trophies auto-jersey cards featuring award winning NBA stars.
–    8 Different Autograph Sets
–    Collect the Three Piece Puzzle set, featuring 12 trios of players that form one big picture.
–    For the first time, the Every Player Every Game patch can be found in Timeless Treasures.
WHOLESALE Pricing $75 – $80 per Box
Release Date:  December 4, 2013
As a buyer, you’ve got to be a little careful with these 20-box case products (most are 12 box cases). That usually brings the box price down into the $100 dollar range, however the odds of a ‘case hit’ go down with it. Even at this price, it seems that with only 2 autographs (probably at least 1 rookie/jersey) and 1 memorabilia card – it’s going to be hard to squeeze value from these boxes unless the rookie class gets off to a hot start. These types of releases sometimes get pushed back, but if Timeless Treasures can come out on time – the early Christmas buying season might help some sale too.
It’s all going to depend on how the rookies are playing. Timeless Treasures could turn into a $60 product – like it has in the past, or it can hang out in the $90 – $100 range if a few of these rookies get playing time. I don’t see it getting much more expensive than that.
Timeless Treasures

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