2013-14 Panini Innovation Kaboom Card Values

Last month, 13/14 Panini Innovation basketball came out – and the set itself is somewhat forgettable. There really isn’t any defined “rookie card” or autograph rookie set that has collectors excited … and the set is an odd mix of inserts, autograph and jersey content – as there is no base set. The only thing that really stands out are the Kaboom insert cards, both in the design & the fact they only fall 1 per case, make these cards stand out.

Given that Innovation Basketball is not a low-end product like Pinnacle or Hoops, I’m not sure how a collector would feel about buying an entire case of Innovation for a hit to be a non-autograph non-serial numbered insert card. Personally I’d just buy the Kaboom cards on the secondary market, as there tends to be no real reason to open a case when the rookie cards don’t sell for very much this season.

The strategy of simply buying the Kaboom cards on the secondary market would probably prove to be the prudent choice, as most are not particularly expensive, as you can see below. One interesting note is there has yet to be a complete sale of LeBron James’ Kaboom insert card at the time of publishing. However, there is one for sale here, so a starting value will be generated for LeBron’s Kaboom card after the close of that auction. Additionally, while Anthony Davis has established himself as an elite NBA rebounder & low post player – it has not translated into high card values for anything but his rookie cards.

13-14 LeBron Kaboom

Player Name # Of Cards Sold AVG Price
18 LeBron James – Miami Heat 0 ??
14 Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City Thunder 1 $255.00
9 Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers 3 $190.00
8 Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat 2 $157.76
13 Blake Griffin – Los Angeles Clippers 3 $153.33
5 Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors 2 $143.75
4 Dirk Nowitzki – Dallas Mavericks 5 $109.95
6 Dwight Howard – Houston Rockets 1 $103.50
15 Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks 3 $96.82
3 Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder 2 $72.75
2 Derrick Rose – Chicago Bulls 4 $70.89
1 Rajon Rondo – Boston Celtics 2 $68.03
17 Chris Paul – Los Angeles Clippers 3 $65.83
7 Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs 4 $65.32
19 Damian Lillard – Portland Trail Blazers 5 $62.80
16 Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers 2 $61.50
20 Paul Pierce – Brooklyn Nets 1 $61.00
12 John Wall – Washington Wizards 4 $60.73
10 James Harden – Houston Rockets 2 $45.50
11 Anthony Davis – New Orleans Pelicans 2 $43.50
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