2012-13 Panini Momentum Basketball Checklist Review


Release Date: May 15, 2013
Checklist: Sports Card Radio
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Base Cards: A nice mixture of current NBA players we expect, rookie cards, plus some legend cards. There are three types of parallel cards in the base set. You have a Force Die-Cut, which is serial #/25. Then you have the Drive parallel cards, which are serial numbered to 49 copies. The Drive parallel cards look as if they have a large foil layer on top of the card so they are hard to miss. Then you have ultra rare Power parallel cards serial numbered to one.


Rookie Cards: Essentially two types of rookie cards exist in this set. You have the base card rookies, which are not autographed. Then you have the Momentus Autograph set, which will act as the autograph rookie in 12/13 Panini Momentum basketball. There are about 85 autograph rookie cards in the Momentus set, which has two parallel versions of the main set. You have Blue Momentus Rookies and Red Momentus Rookies. Looks like most of the blue rookies are serial numbered to 49 or 48 copies, where as the red versions appear to be numbered out of 10. Given that the 12/13 NBA Playoffs are being contested when this set drops, several rookie cards are going to be highly sought after now. Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard and others will see increased demand over previous sets because their teams are in the playoff hunt.

Momentum Autograph Cards: A very basic autograph card design with some interesting names among the names on the checklist. Recent Hall of Fame inductee Chris Mullin, everyone’s favorite 90’s underachiever Anfernee Hardaway, and high flyer J.J. Hickson are among the many that sign. 100 total players sign, which would make this a ‘large’ set …. but if you continue reading, Monumental Marks is even bigger! There are three different parallels for the Momentum Autograph card set – Drive #/49 or less, Force #/25 or less, and Power #1/1. Panini went away from the color theme, and went to the base set parallels for this set.

Monumental Marks Autograph Cards: Another real simple autograph card, which says Monumental in the name, but I’m not sure what the theme is here when you have everyone from Kwame Brown to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the set. However, hand it to Panini, they do often deliver a pretty wide range of players for collectors to collect. And this set truly delivers for collectors – 300 total players sign in this set! Holy crap! All the cards are serial numbered, and some are numbered in the 129 – 149 range, and some are short printed to about 15. It would have been slightly more interesting from a collecting standpoint if Panini had not put serial numbers on these, and let collectors find out which autographs are SP (or come out with blogs later that have print runs). Anyway, just my opinion. Can’t really complain too much about a 300 card auto set. There are 3 types of parallel cards, Blue serial #/49 or less, Red numbered #/10 or less and Black versions numbered 1/1.

That’s it! Tight set with pretty deep checklists within each sub-set. Boxes deliver 5 autographs per box. Some may be duds, but if you land a rare autograph #/49 or less – it will probably be a great card to add to your collection or sell/trade for something else.

You also get a Kobe Bryant anthology pack with 5 Kobe cards in each pack.

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